R.B.C. Construction Inc.


what we do

Using nature's raw materials - taken from your own property or from somewhere else on the planet - we have the proven ability, the experience, and the vision to build and craft your project from your thoughts and imagination. We work with you to bring your idea from a rough sketch or design to fruition. We have a reputation for getting unusual projects to pass building codes, sometimes with just small creative adjustments. We can develop a set of sketches to working drawings with complete 3D walk-through that allow you to see exactly what the finished space will look like before any wood is cut or concrete is placed.

Our team of highly skilled craftsmen and artisans have more than 200 combined years of experience. We are known for our attention to fine detail - taking every step to ensure that only the best materials and quality of workmanship are used, from start to finish. We are dedicated to achieving the best results and finest craftsmanship -- from the first cut to the last nail, within your design and budget .

We stand behind every job we do. And we build your project to last - to outlive whatever time we each have on this planet!

Take a look around this website to see what we have created, restored or preserved.

Take a look around this web site to see what  we have already placed on the earth and preserved for a few more years